About Me

Since childhood I have enjoyed wearing, looking at and playing with fabrics, sequins and beads.

I would spend hours digging through my Mom's button tins, or looking through her costume jewelry drawer and playing with the pieces.

She kept broken jewelry in her drawer, and I would think about how they could be combined or repaired.

As an adult, I would wander around the jewelry departments of local stores admiring and examining a well crafted design.

I started to make jewelry about fifteen years ago, first taking classes at local bead shops and then becoming friends with a local and experienced jewelry artist who took me under her wing.

When I started making jewelry, I was a practicing Physician /Surgeon, and creating and designing jewelry became a stress reliever after a long workday.

Now retired from medicine, I design and make jewelry for the pure creative enjoyment of it.

Over the years, friends have encouraged me to expand the audience for my work - hence this marketplace.

I hope that you will enjoy my jewelry creations as much as I enjoyed making them.

I strive to produce quality pieces at affordable prices.